What is a Classical Education?

What exactly is a classical education? In a nutshell it is the same course of study that helped propel Western Civilization to the top of the world when it comes to civic institutions, personal liberty, philanthropy, economic enterprise, technological innovation, and relative safety and security. It is rooted in an approach that goes back to ancient Greece and Rome and developed over a long period of time in the West.

Classical schools take an approach to education characterized by a traditional liberal arts and sciences curriculum and pedagogy, and an orientation towards truth, beauty, and goodness that aims to cultivate wise and virtuous citizens.

The Classical Approach

A Liberal Arts Curriculum

The curriculum at Founders Classical Academy of Leander teaches the liberal arts and emphasizes the moral and intellectual virtues through a content-rich, cohesive course of study. The Western tradition is central to the study of history, literature, and philosophy, and within the Western tradition, students engage in a rich and recurring examination of the American literary, moral, philosophical, and historical traditions. Courses are rooted in primary sources and taught in the Socratic method, emphasizing intellectual analysis and dialogue. Students are encouraged to improve their minds and their character in accordance with virtue. The aim of the academic program is to cultivate a love of the just, the beautiful, the good, and the true, and to make the pursuit of these things a way of life.

We are a liberal arts school where goodness and truth are pursued for their own sake, and where the humanities, the sciences, and the arts are taught together as part of a complete and harmonious whole.

For more information about our approach to math, science, literature, history, Latin, the fine arts, and physical education, please visit From the Headmaster's Desk.

Amaryllis celebrates with her advisor Mr. Berndt after presenting her senior thesis.

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Giada finishing up her Kindergarten year.