The curriculum at Founders Classical Academy of Leander teaches the liberal arts and emphasizes the moral and intellectual virtues through a content-rich, cohesive course of study. The Western tradition is central to the study of history, literature, and philosophy, and within the Western tradition, students engage in a rich and recurring examination of the American literary, moral, philosophical, and historical traditions. Courses are rooted in primary sources and taught in the Socratic method, emphasizing intellectual analysis and dialogue. Students are encouraged to improve their minds and their character in accordance with virtue. The aim of the academic program is to cultivate a love of the just, the beautiful, the good, and the true, and to make the pursuit of these things a way of life.

An Overview of the Curriculum (Kindergarten-12th Grade)

Principles Behind the Curriculum

  • Classical virtues, as well as principles in self-government and civility, are identified and clearly taught in a seamless manner through course content.
  • The curriculum is knowledge-rich and built around the belief that there is a common body of knowledge all members of our society should master in the core areas and in the fine arts.
  • Emphasis is placed on minds-on learning and on fostering a spirit of inquiry in students.
  • Standardized tests do not drive the curriculum.
  • Literacy is taught through explicit phonics and traditional grammar and composition.
  • Logic and rhetoric are emphasized in the upper grades.
  • Greek and Latin root words are taught in upper elementary grades. Latin studies are an integral part of the upper school curriculum.
  • Mathematical and scientific knowledge are pursued for their own sakes, not merely for their practical applications.
  • Literature and history instruction are rooted in primary sources and in great books.
  • Instruction in the fine arts includes theory, history, and performance.
  • Students are trained in study skills, planning and organization, close reading of text, and note taking.
  • Importance is placed on bodily fitness and physical education in concert with fit minds.
  • Co-curricular and extra-curricular academic and athletics activities are offered and encouraged to promote a well-ordered and well-rounded experience for students.
Founders Classical Academy of Leander K-12 Curriculum Overview.pdf

A Closer Look: K-5th, 6th-8th, and High School

Please click the documents below for a high-level overview of the Kindergarten-5th grade program, the 6th-8th grade program, and the 9th-12th grade program.

Kindergarten-5th Grade

K-5th Grade Program Spring 2016.pdf

6th-8th Grade Program

6th-8th Grade Program Spring 2018.pdf

High School (9th-12th)

Course of Study for 2018-2019.pdf

The Curriculum by Grade: Grammar School (K-6th) Curriculum Maps

Please click on the curriculum maps below to see what each of our grammar school students will be studying in each subject each month. These documents provide more detailed information than the Course of Study documents above.


Curriculum Maps 2018-2019 - Kindergarten.pdf

Fourth Grade

Curriculum Maps 2018-2019 - Fourth Grade.pdf

First Grade

Curriculum Maps 2018-2019 - First Grade.pdf

Fifth Grade

Curriculum Maps 2018-2019 - Fifth Grade.pdf

Second Grade

Curriculum Maps 2018-2019 - Second Grade.pdf

Sixth Grade

Curriculum Maps 2018-2019 - Sixth Grade.pdf

Third Grade

Curriculum Maps 2018-2019 - Third Grade.pdf

The Curriculum by Grade: Upper School (7-12th) Syllabuses

Core Courses

Latin, Modern Languages, and High School Electives