Clubs & Activities

Founders Classical Academy offers a wide array of clubs and activities that complement our classical curriculum. The schedule of currently available clubs is available on the school calendar. You may wish to learn more about after school athletics. That information is available on our Athletics page.

Academic Clubs

Greek & Latin Club (6-12)

The Greek and Latin Club exists to support, encourage, and inspire students in their study of Latin and Greek. The club is not additional tutoring. The club will be split into two portions: Latin and Greek. Latin students will explore aspects of Roman history and culture that may not be covered in their regular classes. We will promote the study of Latin more broadly through a comedic skit or recitation in Latin. The Latin club will focus on grades 6-9, when students are taking Latin, but all students of Latin at any level are welcome to join. Greek students will begin learning about the Greek language prior to the formation of a Greek class. The initial goal will be to learn the Greek alphabet, basic pronunciation, and transliteration. No homework will be signed. We will also pick a famous passage for oral memorization and recitation that will build awareness for the study of the Greek language

French Club (6-12)

The members of French Club will explore French language and culture through art, music, history, and literature. This will not be an intensive language course; however, students will learn basic vocabulary and grammar and be able to hold conversations around certain topics. Each session will illuminate a specific person, historical period, art movement, or topic (i.e. gastronomy, sport, holiday traditions, etc.) There may be opportunity at the end of the year for a cultural excursion.

National Junior Honor Society (7-9)

NJHS encourages the development of intellectual and moral virtue by recognizing students who have demonstrated these qualities in their lives. Students are selected by their teachers on the basis of the extent to which they exhibit scholarship, leadership, citizenship, service, and character. Members will be expected to practice these virtues in their studies and associations in and out of school, including individual and group service projects and civic engagement.

National Honor Society (10-12)

Membership in our chapter of the National Honor Society is extended to students in Grades 10-12 who have been enrolled for at least one full semester and have established a reputation for scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Students are selected by Upper School teachers appointed by the Headmaster to the Faculty Council, which will convene each semester to consider and vote on whether to approve individual candidates for membership. Students selected as members are encouraged and challenged to continue practicing the virtues for which they have been recognized by maintaining a minimum 3.7 cumulative GPA, adhering to a high standard of moral conduct, and participating in individual and group service projects.

Scholastic Bowl (7-12)

Scholastic Bowl -- also known internationally as Quiz Bowl, Academic Bowl, and Brain Bowl -- is an extracurricular trivia game. Student teams go head-to-head (using a Jeopardy!-style lockout buzzer system) to answer live questions encompassing history, math, science, literature, art, music, pop culture, and more. By celebrating intellectual prowess in a fun and competitive environment, Scholastic Bowl abides by the mission of Founders Classical Academy.

Science Club (4-6)

Science Club aims to expose students to truth through Science and the related world around them. In the Grammar school, the goal is to assist students with thinking through the Scientific Method and explore hands-on Science Concepts.

S.T.E.A.M. Club (7-12)

STEAM stands for Science Technology Engineering Art and Math. While mathematics is currently at the core of the STEAM club, the goal of the club is to extend into all of the above areas, training students in each. The club supports the mission of Founders Classical Academy by enriching the foundational education in the arts and sciences through competitions, collaboration, and creativity. Students will also be participating in the Science Fair as part of STEAM club. (an additional $15 entrance fee needed for students who are selected to compete at the regional science fair) regional science fair in Austin, February 21-22.

Personal Finance Club (7-12)

This club will help students prepare for managing their money in the real world. Students will examine the spending decisions they already make, then examine real-life spending scenarios and discuss the pros and cons along with other choices.

Service Club (9-12)

The mission of Service Club is to offer opportunities “to provide service, build character, and develop leadership.” Its members will work together to better their school and build their community, creating habits in responsibility, friendship, and citizenship. Through service to others, students promote the core virtues of Founders Classical Academy and practice their instruction in good character and civic virtue.

Yearbook Club (7-12)

The yearbook is a creative outlet as well as a way to demonstrate a healthy pride in the school by showcasing the activities and accomplishments of the students.

Chess Club (7-12)

Chess is one of the most rigorously analytical games. The purpose of the chess club is to provide students with the opportunity to play chess, learn about the game, learn good sportsmanship, and have fun. As a competitive and fun exercise, chess teaches students how to organize and evaluate information and to make good decisions. Club time will be spent primarily playing the game of chess, with some coaching and teaching of the concepts of good chess.

ASL/SEE Club (3-6)

Students will learn about Deaf history and culture while in an exciting and interactive club to learn American Sign Language. Come ready to a be immersed in the visual language and have fun!

Fine Arts Clubs

Art Club (5-12)

Students who wish to further pursue drawing, painting, etc., will have the chance to do so in a more intimate environment with access to media beyond what they use in class. This year, they may also help with the set design for the final theater production. There will be showings of the art, dates are to be determined. We will offer a less distracting environment for more serious older artists on the 8-12th grade weeks.

Beginning Orchestra (5-12)

An ensemble for our Upper School and 5th grade students who wish to learn to play and enjoy traditional orchestral music instruments. The focus of this ensemble will be string orchestra (violin, viola, cello, and bass) music and practice. Other chord/rhythm based instruments (guitar, ukelele, keyboard, drumset, etc.) and traditional band instruments are not included in this ensemble. Expect to learn how to play together, to practice techniques and exercises to increase our playing ability, and to explore a variety of important and fun music. Public performance is also included with this group.

Advanced Orchestra (6-12)

An ensemble for our Upper School students who have experience and knowledge of playing music on traditional orchestral instruments. The focus of this ensemble will be string/full orchestra (violin, viola, cello, bass, and traditional band instruments) music and practice. Other chord/rhythm based instruments (guitar, ukelele, keyboard, drumset, etc.) are not included in this ensemble. Expect to learn how to play together as an ensemble, to practice techniques and exercises to increase our playing ability, and to explore a variety of important and fun music. Public performance is also included with this group.

Ukulele Club (7-12)

The mission of Ukulele club is to train the minds and improve the souls of young men and women musically with a ukulele. The ukulele is a fun, forgiving, and inviting instrument. Ukuleles are well known for being aesthetically and musically pleasing, as well as a very portable instrument. Moreover, they are easy to learn and allow students to learn about music in serious manner. Experience is irrelevant; whether a student has been playing for years or is hoping to learn something new, it is the love of music, not the ability to play a C chord, that unites these ukulele enthusiasts. Don't hesitate to acquire an instrument and join in the joy of making music!

Swing Dancing Club (7-12)

Come learn the art and style of swing dancing! Swing Dance Club supports the mission of the school by encouraging young men and women to interact in a fun but respectful way.

Theater Club (4-12)

Fall production (December); Spring production (April) Theater Club will support the fall production of the Theater class. In the spring, Theater Club will mount its own production. We will study great works in order to deepen our performances. We will focus on delivery, stage presence, and working toward a common goal. In the months of March and April we will meet daily.

Girl Scout Daisy Troop (K-1)

What do Daisys do? Everything—from planting a garden to putting on a skit to proudly adding that first petal to their vest—sparkles with that "first time ever" newness! Along the way, they’ll use their Daisy exuberance to help others—and they’ll never forget how that feels. Every Daisy meeting is an adventure filled with giggles, energy, and excitement!

Athletic Clubs

Soccer Club (7-12)

Members of the soccer club will cultivate a better understanding and appreciation for “The Beautiful Game”. They will learn proper technique on the ball for dribbling, passing, and shooting. Points of strategy will also be presented, such as positioning on the field and passing sequences. Activities will include a mix of drills, possession games, and scrimmages.

Frisbee Club (6-12)

Ultimate frisbee is a team sport that equalizes the playing field between boys and girls, high school and middle school, experienced and novice. In addition, it is the only major sport that does not use referees and teaches the players to self-govern

Junior Archers (K-6)

Jr Archer Club is for our Grammar students (K-6th) to get involved with our school's athletic program. They will support our athletes by making posters and banners advertising athletic events. They will sit in the student section at home games assisting the Spirit Crew with cheers and chants. They will also learn about Archers sports from our student athletes.

Spirit Club (7-12)

Spirit Club is for our Upper School students to promote school spirit at athletic events. They will support our athletic program by making posters and banners that advertise athletic events around campus. They will lead the student section at home games with cheers and chants.