Summer Camps

Camp Artemis

Founders Classical Academy offers a wide range of athletic and academic summer camps from June-August each year. Camps are open to returning and incoming Founders students. Grade levels below refer to the student's enrollment in the coming school year.

To register click on the link below. Please pay for the camp only if you are certain of your student’s ability to attend – refunds will not be issued. You must make your payment using the K12 Online Payment system to complete your registration. All camps will be held on campus at Founders Leander except the Summer Running Club, which will meet at the Brushy Creek Sports Park. For any additional questions please contact the front office at (512) 259-0103.

For a full list of summer camps, or to download the Camp Artemis 2018 flyer including a full schedule and prices, click below or scroll down.

Camp Artemis 2018 Flyer (PDF)

Camp Artemis 2018 Registration

Athletic Camps

Boys and Girls Summer Run Club (5th-12th) with Coach Parrella

Boys and Girls US Soccer Camp (6th-12th) with Coach Baker and Coach Smith

Boys HS Basketball Camp (9th-12th) with Coach Ledien

Boys US Flag Football Camp (6th-12th) with Coach Lawter

Exercise Camp (1st-4th) with Mrs. Baker

Kids will have a blast exercising, playing various games and learning some exciting jump roping skills! They will work independently, with partners and in groups. This camp is a great way to promote positive social skills and help keep kids away from an overload of technology over the summer. Let's keep them active!

Grammar School Basketball Camp (4th-5th) with Coach Sowers

Boys and Girls MS Basketball Camp (6th-8th) with Coach Sowers and Coach McClallen

Girls HS Basketball Camp (9th-12th) with Coach McClallen and Coach Edwards

Girls HS Volleyball Camp (9th-12th) with Coach McClallen

Girls MS Volleyball Camp (6th-8th) with Coach Sowers

Spirit Camp (6th-12th) with Mrs. Wells

Please join the Spirit Crew to help get ready for our fall sports. We will make banners and posters for the volleyball and football season and learn some new cheers and chants. Please wear shorts, t-shirt and comfortable shoes. Bring a water bottle, a snack and your school spirit!

Academic Camps

Cursive Handwriting Boot Camp (2nd-5th) with Mrs. Horton or Mrs. Baker

Research on cursive writing says it can improve brain development in the areas of thinking, language and working memory. This camp will be taught using the Riggs curriculum taught at Founders. Students will spend time learning the different strokes, capital, and lowercase letters. Even if your child already knows cursive, this camp is an excellent way to have extra small group practice and make their writing even more beautiful.

Come practice your handwriting skills and get a step ahead on next year’s handwriting competition!

Improv Camp (5th-9th) with Mrs. Panzica

Students will experience first-hand the basics of storytelling, improvisation, and stagecraft mostly through playing theatre games. We will dramatize tales, perform written scenes, and learn improv games. Activities will focus on building confidence, creativity, and teamwork. On Friday there will be a final performance.

Latin Boot Camp (6th-8th) with Dr. Hicks and Mrs. Panzica

Does your Latin need some polishing? In this camp we will provide personal attention to students who need some extra help reviewing Latin paradigms, vocabulary, and translation strategies. A great way to gain practice to build the understanding of Latin. Students need not attend the entire camp - they may come to as many hours as they deem necessary. Hours must be purchased ahead and are non-refundable.

Math Facts Camp (1st-3rd) with Mrs. Horton

Fun games and speed drills! Help learn your math facts to be ready for next year!

Pre-Calc Boot Camp (9th-12th) with Mr. Starc

All students entering PreCalc at FCA should consider joining Mr. Starc for a week long boot camp to prepare for PreCalc. The camp will focus on two major disciplines studied in PreCalc - Algebra and Trig. Students will be reminded of concepts they already know. They will have the opportunity to clarify ideas that were a bit foggy. And they will explore new ideas that are usually presented in the 2nd quarter of a PreCalc course. NOTE: All students taking PreCalc are expected to own a TI-84 graphing calculator. Students participating in this camp should bring their calculators. Please contact Mr Starc if you would like assistance purchasing a calculator.

Research and Computer Camp (3rd-5th) with Mrs. Baker

This is a 2 week camp. Researching Safely and Effectively Online & Learning the Basics of Microsoft Word & PowerPoint. Technology should not be the center of kid's learning. However, it can be helpful to know the appropriate and basic ways to use it. In this camp, we will research different topics, take the information gathered and create Microsoft word documents and PowerPoint presentations.

Riggs Boot Camp for New Students (1st-5th) with Mrs. Russell

This is a 2 week camp. Learning the first 26 phonograms, handwriting and clock practice as well as basic Riggs instruction. This is a great camp for our new students that are transferring in from other schools. Get a head start on the new school year!

Riggs Boot Camp for Returning Students (1st-2nd) with Mrs. Russell

This is a 2 week camp. Reviewing the first 26 phonograms, handwriting and clock practice as well as basic Riggs instruction. This is a great camp for students who have had Riggs instruction before but would like a little extra practice.

Rome Alive! Camp (5th-8th) with Mrs. Panzica

This is a week long camp that introduces elementary and middle school students to the world of Ancient Rome. Campers will learn the basics of conversational Latin, reenact stories from Roman history, play Roman games, feast at a Roman banquet, and have fun with hands-on activities that make history real. Activities will include a mock archaeological excavation, building a working aqueduct, making models of the Forum and a Roman house, creating Roman armor, learning to spin and weave, and more. Cost includes the cost of supplies and a final banquet on Friday.

Sentence Diagramming and Analyzing (2nd-5th) with Mrs. Baker

This is a 2 week camp. Let's have fun with Grammar! Analyzing and diagramming sentences is an engaging way to learn about and identify parts of speech. We will start with the basics of Well Ordered Language (subject and predicate verb) and build our way up as much as we can. Camp will include discussions, group and independent practice and competitions!

Study Skills Camp (6th-8th) with Mrs. Panzica

Learn organizational skills, time management, homework strategies, goal setting, multi-tasking, improving memory, test preparation that you need to succeed in school and life!

Writing Camps (9th-12th) with Dr. McIntyre

Learn the craft of writing narrative, expository, persuasive, research, and argumentative essays.

Vyasa and the Vikings (8th-12th) with Mr. Knabe

Curious about what mythology looks like outside the Classical tradition? Interested in exploring two cultures whose ideas animate the ethical thought, literary practice, and popular entertainment of today? Do you want to know what Lord Vishnu has to say about the good life? Do you want to learn how Odin stole the Mead of Poetry from Suttungr? If so, this is the summer school offering for you!

This course introduces students to Hindu and Scandinavian mythology as complements to classical mythology and as important parts of Western tradition in their own right. We will first read The Mahabharata, one of ancient India’s two major Sanskrit epics, composed over the eight centuries roughly contemporaneous with the rise and fall of Rome. The Mahabharata is a literary monument equal in beauty and insight to the Patriarchal narratives of Genesis, Shakespeare’s plays, Homer’s epics, or Dante’s Divine Comedy. In its pages, the sage Vyasa chronicles the legendary conflict between the Pandava and the Kaurava princes, culminating in the great battle of Kurukshetra. We then move forward one thousand years in time to Snorri Sturluson’s strange and stunning Edda, which preserves the stories and myths of the Viking Age: Yggdrasil, the world tree, and its Nine Realms, the Æsir gods and goddesses, and Ragnarök.


R.K. Narayan, The Mahabharata: A Shortened Modern Prose Version of the Indian Epic

Snorri Sturluson, The Prose Edda (trans. Jesse L. Byock)