Archers Council

Supporting the School and our Talented Faculty

The Archers Council is a stewardship organization intended to support the Headmaster, the faculty, and the administration in carrying out the mission of the school. Its objectives include educating parents and the public about the school and encouraging friends of Founders Classical Academy of Leander to show their support through volunteering and donations.

Donations are tax deductible and go directly to the school.

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Archers Council Officers 2018-2019

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Executive Board

Chairman - George King

Secretary - Meredith Godoy

Finance Director - Eric Wachsmann

ASC President - Wendy Wells

AABC President - LuAnn Edwards

FABC President - Benoit Baudon de Mony

If you have a question about our organization, please send us an email at

Archers Athletic Booster Club (AABC)

President - LuAnn Edwards

Vice President - Lisa Kelly

Secretary - Julie Maynard

Treasurer - PJ Lehman

Events Co-Lead - Kirsten Heginbottom & OPEN

Communications - Mary Walker

Archers Support Committee (ASC)

President - Wendy Wells

Vice President - Tammy Norman

Secretary - Mindi Adams

Treasurer - Elliott Pemberton

Events Coordinator - Michelle Warner

Communications - Koby Fell & Marion Wachsmann

Fine Arts Booster Club (FABC)

President - Benoit Baudon de Mony

Vice President - Kelli McCarthy

Secretary - Julie Kimball

Treasurer - Rebecca Bai

Events Coordinator - OPEN

Communications - OPEN

What is the Archers Council?

Supporting the mission of the school.

The Archers Council is a parent-teacher organization that supports the mission of the school and above all its talented faculty.

The council oversees three standing committees:

  • Archers Support Committee
  • Archers Athletic Booster Club
  • Fine Arts Booster Club

The Pemberton family at Clash of the Archers, an AABC event.

What is AABC?

The Archers Athletics Booster Club provides funds for:

  • student-athlete scholarships
  • athletic equipment
  • sports recognition banquets for student-athletes

AABC funds are raised through sports events concession sales, athletics spirit wear sales, spirit nights, and other fundraising events.

What is ASC?

The Archers Support Committee oversees fundraising for and the administration of projects and events that benefit the entire school.

ASC runs several programs, including:

  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Book Fairs
  • Watch DOGS
  • Spirit Nights
  • Graduation Committee
  • Clothing Closet

ASC funds are raised through the annual Write-a-Check campaign, Spirit Nights, and other fundraisers.

What is FAB?

The Fine Arts Booster Club promotes the Fine Arts and supports faculty and students by providing:

  • scholarship aid for competitions
  • supplies for the art, music, and theater programs, including instruments, theater set components, and displays for visual art

FAB funds are raised through a variety of initiatives including theater events ticket sales, spirit wear sales, and calendar sales.

Bylaws and Meeting Minutes

Archers Council Bylaws

Archers Council Meeting Minutes 2017-2018 (links to previous meetings are found in the documents)