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January 2021

Office News

Fall Semester Report Cards

The first semester report cards are now available through Jupiter. Log into Jupiter and click on the Report Card tab listed in the main menu.

With the new year and new semester, it is a good time to verify addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. To do this, go to the Settings tab and review and update (if needed) your information. You may also update your preferences and other settings on this page as well.

Should you encounter any access problems or have questions, please email Mrs. Cunningham.

2021-2022 Lottery

The lottery for the 2021-2022 school year will be held virtually on Monday, January 25 at 2:30pm. Responsive Education Solutions is hosting a live-stream of the lottery at The live-stream will only run the length of the lottery (estimated at less than 15 minutes). Once the lottery is complete, the live-stream will no longer be available for view.

Results of the lottery will be posted at our campus outside of building 3 by 4:15pm that same day. Please direct all questions to

Yearbook Photos Needed

The yearbook staff is in need of photos of you and your friends for the 2020-21 yearbook! We are in need of pictures from our middle school athletic teams particularly flag football, volleyball and basketball. We would also love to see your first day of school pictures and snow day fun! Please send photos of all grades and school related activities to Deadline for submissions is Tuesday, February 16.

Student Consent Form for Optional COVID-19 Testing

Rapid COVID-19 Testing is now available at the school and can be offered to students that are experiencing active symptoms while on campus that could possibly be caused by COVID-19. Provided there is no fever of 100 degrees or higher or other excludable symptoms, students that receive a negative test would be allowed to return to class. Parental consent to test is required and a courtesy call to parents will be made prior to testing. Parents will of course be allowed to accompany the student during testing if desired.

Please complete the optional consent form if you would like your child to be tested should they experience symptoms of COVID-19 while on campus. Click here to access the form.

There are a limited number of tests available. Tests will be administered at the campus nurse's discretion. Please don't hesitate to contact Nurse Turner for questions or concerns.

In Need of Tissues

We are running low on tissues! If you have not already brought in your communal supplies or would like to make a donation for Archer Hours, please drop off tissues to either office. Thank you!

Order Yearbooks

Place your order online at Enter Founders Classical Academy and select the school in Leander. Yearbooks are $30 until online sales are over in May then the price will go up to $40. Click here to download the flier.

Senior Ads - It's time to order your Senior Ad and get a FREE yearbook! Click here for more information. Deadline is January 31!

Handbook Policy Reminders

Car Line Guidelines

Please take a moment to review our Car Line procedures. Please note the following guidelines in particular:


FCA Leander has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to bullying. Per the FCA Family Handbook, "Bullying is prohibited against any student or any teacher for any reason. Bullying includes repeated written or verbal expression, physical or electronic act or gesture, or a pattern thereof, that coerces, intimidates, or causes physical, mental, or emotional harm. Bullying is prohibited on school property, at school-sanctioned events, when students are being transported to or from school or a school-sanctioned event, and off-campus when it is reasonably foreseeable that the bullying conduct may cause a substantial disruption in the educational mission of the school or interfere with the ability of other school students to learn or be secure." If interested, please click here to download Bullying Tips for Parents.


Community Links

Q3 R&R Weekends & House Meetings Dates

  • January 15

  • January 29

  • February 11

  • February 26

  • March 12

House Points Current Standings

  1. Beethoven - 387

  2. Shakespeare - 364

  3. Euclid - 323

  4. Da Vinci - 263

  5. Herodotus - 260

  6. Newton - 257

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News from the Archers Council

The Upshot is the newsletter of the Archers Council. Click here to download the latest edition.


While we remain in the Substantial COVID-19 activity level we have limited volunteer opportunities on campus. If you would like to help and support our school, please watch for notifications for supply donations such as communal supplies and food items to stock the lounge. There might also be projects that can be done from home so please check with your teachers. Don't forget to log hour donations and hours in Track it Forward!

Learn & Earn Archer Hours

Additionally, families can earn Archer Hours by completing an online course with Hillsdale College. It's easy and can be done from the comfort of your own home! Click here for the complete course catalog. After you complete the course, log your time in Track it Forward for Archer Hours credit.

Shop & Earn Money For our School

Box Tops Scan & Earn

No more clipping! Now you can scan your grocery store receipts for Box Tops for Education labels. It's simple! To participate in this program, download the app at and register for our school. When you are done shopping, scan your receipt and you will earn Box Tops credits for our school. The picture of the receipt is uploaded and not stored on your phone. It really is that easy!

Amazon School Rewards - Start Your Holiday Shopping!

If you are an Amazon shopper, please consider using our campus website link and earn money for our school. By linking your shopping to our school we will receive a donation of 4-10% of your purchase. Please click here before you begin shopping. Bookmark the link so every Amazon purchase gives back to our school. You may also share the link with family and friends. Thank you for your support of Founders Leander!

Events & Activities

All events and activities listed on the school calendar are tentative and subject to change.

Winter Archer Game Results

Our 7th-12th grade students competed in the Winter Archer Games during the last 2 days of school in December and it was a close competition. Students from each house competed by grade in both academic and athletic competitions. Houses earn points based on their final place in the competition. Below are the results of the Winter Archer Games. Please note that the Current Standings will be updated weekly and are also listed at the top of the newsletter. Current standings include points earned and loss by individual students for behavior as well as placement on the honor roll and high honor roll for Q1.

Academic Competition

1st Place - Beethoven

2nd Place (tie) - Euclid and Shakespeare

4th Place - Newton

5th Place - Herodotus

6th Place - Da Vinci

Athletic Competition

1st Place - Da Vinci

2nd Place - Euclid

3rd Place - Shakespeare

4th Place - Herodotus

5th Place (tie) - Beethoven and Newton

Overall Competition

1st Place (tie) - Beethoven and Euclid

3rd Place - Da Vinci

4th Place - Shakespeare

5th Place - Herodotus

6th Place - Newton

Current Standings

1st - Beethoven (387 points)

2nd - Shakespeare (364 points)

3rd - Euclid (323 points)

4th - Da Vinci (263 points)

5th - Herodotus (260 points)

6th - Newton (257 points)

Virtual Art Show

We are very proud of our fine arts programs but unfortunately we were unable to host our annual winter showcase last month. Ms. Johnson has put together a few presentations of our 7th grade, 8th grade and high school studio art students for you to enjoy at your leisure.

7th Grade
8th Photo Presentations
Studio Elective (Johnson)

January 8, Spirit Friday

Once a month on Spirit Friday students may come to school in FCA Leander spirit t-shirts and regular uniform pants, shorts, or skirts in navy, khaki or Founders plaid. They may choose to wear any spirit shirt from the current year or previous years. They may also wear a solid t-shirt in red or navy. House shirts are not spirit wear.

January 8, Muffins in the Morning

Start your day with a giant muffin! The Senior Class of 2021 will sell muffins during the morning drop off for $2/muffin (cash only please.) Proceeds will go to the Senior Events Committee.

January 12 - College Admissions Test Scores: What do they Mean

with Mary Jo Grant, Director of Student Outreach, More than a Teacher

Ms. Grant will give an overview of standardized admission tests, the role they play in college admissions, and the information provided by test results. She will also outline test preparation options for students. This presentation is primarily for 10th and 11th graders who have taken the PSAT and/or a practice ACT test. Please bring student score report(s) to the presentation. RSVP HERE if you plan to attend.

January 18, Holiday - No School

The school will be closed on Monday, January 18 in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

January 22, Stock the Lounge

We will collect snacks, treats and drinks to stock our teachers lounges. Ideas for snacks and treats include protein bars, trail mix, nuts, fruit snacks, crackers, chocolate bars, assorted candy, popcorn, fresh whole fruit and a variety of soft drinks, flavored water and kcups. Click here to download a list. All items should be store bought and individually wrapped. Thank you for supporting our teachers!

Donations are worth 1 Archer Hour. Please log your hours in Track it Forward.

January 22, Pizza Friday (Upper School Only)

The Senior Events Committee will host Pizza Friday to raise funds for the Class of 2021. Pizza will be sold during UPPER SCHOOL LUNCH ONLY for $2/slice and drinks are $1. Exact change is greatly appreciated.

January 27, Picture Day Make-ups & Retakes

Photo Texas Photography will return to campus on Wednesday, January 27 to take school portraits for those that were not available in the fall. This is also the day for retakes. If you have any immediate questions or need to review your first picture, please contact Photo Texas Photography directly.

February 19, The Scholars Cup: Cantharus Optimus 2020-21

All our students will have the opportunity to compete for The Scholars Cup! Also known as the Cantharus Optimus competition, students from the BCSI-affiliated schools complete a series of challenges that highlight our distinctive classical curriculum. This year we will compete at all grade levels and each student will submit an entry. More information will be provided by the homeroom teacher, but here is a brief description of each challenge:

  • Kindergarten - Beautifully label and color a world map with the seven continents and four oceans.

  • First Grade - Draw and beautifully illustrate the phases of the moon and label each stage.

  • Second Grade - Solve a specific word problem.

  • Third Grade - Answer a specific set of questions and illustrate one of the questions.

  • Fourth Grade - Draw and color an antelope headdress of the Bamara people of Mali. Give the picture a title and write an explanation.

  • Fifth Grade - Create a story that accurately portrays 5 3/4 divided by 1/2. Solve the problem and explain your answer.

  • Sixth Grade - Letter to Socrates convincing him to flee the city.

  • Seventh Grade - Write a brief encounter with characters from Fahrenheit 451.

  • Eighth Grade - Write an argumentative whether or not Atticus Finch (To Kill A Mockingbird) is a good father.

  • Ninth Grade - Choose a hero from one of the major epics (The Illiad, The Odyssey, or The Aeneid). Write an essay on who would you least like to follow into battle.

  • Tenth Grade - Choose one element from the periodic table. Draw its Lewis structure and electron configuration. Write a few paragraphs describing the history of the element and its physical and chemical properties.

  • Eleventh Grade - Imagine that you are a British citizen at the time of the American Revolution. In 500 words or less, write a letter to your extended family in the colonies persuading them to side with the King.

  • Twelfth Grade - In 500 words or less, write a letter as a parent of a college-educated Bolshevik revolutionary trying to convince your son or daughter that the radicalism they have embraced will only end in ruin.

The deadline for submissions is February 19. Assignments will come home in January.

Our public Google calendar:

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Athletic News

Due to COVID-19, all sports events and games have limited guests. Please see the onsite manager for entrance.

Please direct questions to the Athletic Director, Nathan McClallen.

Go Archers!!

2020-2021 Sports Survey

Please let us know what sport(s) each of your students anticipate participating in by completing the 2020-2021 sport survey! Once you indicate interest in the survey, you will be given access to the details for each team, including risk mitigation practices.

Many of our teams will have tryouts, so signing up does not guarantee a roster spot in all cases. In the interest of helping our families plan ahead for the upcoming year, the season dates of each sport and team have been added to the master athletic calendar; please use this calendar to follow general Archer athletic events going forward! You can also follow @fcarchers on Instagram for occasional team news and highlights.

If you have already completed the survey in the fall, you do not need to complete it again. If you have been added to a TeamSnap roster and are no longer interested in participating, you can remove yourself from the roster.

2020-2021 Sports Survey

Supporting our Archers

We have limited seating in our gym but you can still show your support for our Archer basketball teams. All games will be streamed via our Instagram account @fcarchers. If you are interested in supporting your Archers in person, please obtain a ticket from one of the athletes that are participating in that event. Athletes are limited to four tickets per game. Please click here to view the COVID-19 Game Protocols.

Sports Physicals

Before a student can participate in Founders Classical Academy’s after-school athletics program, the student must undergo a physical exam with a licensed physician, and his or her family must complete several sports participation forms. Physicals must be passed once every calendar year, whereas sports participation forms must be completed each school year.

If you are the parent of a student in 6th-12th grade who intends to compete in athletics, please schedule your student's physical during the summer. The required athletics forms are available to athletes through TeamSnap. The physical form is also available through Jupiter or click here to download a copy.

Athletics Calendar

Archer Athletics on Instagram

College Counseling

Testing Dates, College Admissions Visits and Events

If you have an immediate need or questions, please email Mrs. McCarthy. Please visit the College Counseling page for general information.

Seniors: January Application Deadlines, Financial Aid, and CPR certification

Seniors, You must apply to and be accepted at least one 4 year school to graduate. Also, keep an eye on your target schools' due date for Financial Aid applications. Though the state due date for FAFSA submission is not until January, many schools' deadline for financial aid applications is much earlier. Go ahead and complete your CPR training if you have not already done so. Instructions have been sent multiple times in Jupiter.

You have received an invitation to Going Merry, which is a platform for scholarship searches which includes a User Interface that simplifies FAFSA form completion.

Juniors - High Stakes Test Prep Strategy

Juniors' goal for December was to begin building their college list in Naviance. January is the month for Juniors to evaluate the test scores they have in hand (practice ACT, ACT, PSAT, and/or SAT) and decide which high stakes test scores they will use for college applications. See Test Practice and Test Prep section, below. Also, Juniors have been invited to Going Merry, a scholarship search/FAFSA platform.

Test Practice and Test Prep

Juniors & Sophomores - After you have taken both the ACT and the SAT, decide which test fits you best then focus your test prep efforts on that test. Practice tests for CLT, ACT and SAT can also be found online.

Test preparation can take the form of a multi-week course, online tutorials , or customized one-on-one tutoring. A multi-week course from More than a Teacher covers over all test taking strategies, content review and tips for both the Evidence-based Reading and Writing section and the Math section. Free online tutorials (Khan Academy and Kaplan) can be linked to your testing account and lessons can be customized to your needs based on your test results. Huntington Academy will assess your test scores and create a private tutoring plan for you.

College Q & A with Faculty & Staff

This semester our Faculty and Staff members are sharing their college and career experiences with students during Lunch and Study Hall. All College Rep and Faculty/Staff Q&A events are listed on the College Counseling calendar on this page.

PSAT scores

College Board did not provide schools with paper copies of PSAT scores this year. To access your PSAT score report, go to and log in to your student account. You will need to create an account if you have not already done so. This account will also be used to register for SAT administrations and score reports.

College Admission Planning Series

February 4 - Application Specifics and the Senior Year Formerly known as Junior Parent Night, junior parents & students are requested to attend a presentation on senior year traditions and the role of rising seniors and their families in continuing these traditions. Also, Kendall Guess will present on the specifics of College Applications. This presentation will include timelines, what type of application to use, and what happens after you hit “submit”. This presentation is for Juniors and their parents.

Test Optional for 2021 & 2022

Each school's test optional policy is different. You have to visit each school's website to access its the test optional policy. The general rule of thumb is to do the research to determine whether your score (current or the one to come) is above the 50 percentile for scores that have typically been admitted to that school and major. If it is, submit it. If not, don't.

Admission Exam updates

We will hold a School Day SAT administration for Juniors only on campus on March 3, 2021. You do not need to register on the College Board website for this administration. This administration will be during the school day, and is free.

Please refer to the College Transitions Calendar for all upcoming test dates. Remember that registration deadlines for exams are 3-4 weeks before the test dates. To register for tests: Go to, or

More than a Teacher SAT Prep Course

More Than a Teacher will offer a SAT test prep course beginning on January 25 and concluding just before the March 3 School Day SAT. The class will be in person and on campus. Go HERE to register.

Individual Counselor Meetings

All students, 9-12 are encouraged to pop-in to the college counseling office with questions or to make use of the reference materials on hand. I'm happy to discuss Strategies for earning college credit in high school, or whatever you may have questions about. Helping students research information about colleges and majors is the best part of Mrs. McCarthy's job! Students & parents can also request meetings via email.