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March 2020

Office News

School Closure & District Updates


Due to the spread of COVID-19, our campus will be closed until Monday, April 13. Please stay tuned as things are still fluid and subject to change. Click here for District Updates from RES.

Contact the School Office


If you have a question for the office or just don't know who to ask please email You may also contact any one of us in Jupiter. We will work as quickly as possible to get you the information you need and your questions answered. Please take this opportunity to also discuss phone and email etiquette with your student. Thank you for your continued patience and support!

Local Food Pantry


For those of you who would like to assist FCA families and others in need of basic food items, or to receive canned and shelf stable food items, please visit the Hill Country Community Ministry website. Donations can be made online or in person. Their pantry is right around the corner from the school on Lacy Drive.

Meal Location Website


As discussed in a recent letter from ResponsiveEd CEO Chuck Cook, we are happy to announce the following meal location website:

If your family has an interest in additional meal service options during the closure, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) has informed us that ResponsiveEd families can visit the locations listed on the website for free school meal pick-up (breakfast and lunch).

Check the website often as locations are added. Free meal service will continue as school closures persist due to COVID-19. Thank you for your partnership.

2020-21 School Supply Kits


During this challenging time it may be difficult to think about our next school year but it is time to order supply kits for the 2020-21 school year. Our office staff has prepared school supply kits with SchoolKidz. All orders must be placed by May 29. Classroom kits will be delivered directly to the teacher. Communal supplies will be delivered to the office.

Please order accordingly:

  • K-5th Grade may order 1 Classroom kit, 1 Art-Music kit and 1 Communal Supply kit
  • 6th Grade may order 1 Classroom kit and 1 Communal Supply kit
  • 7th-12th Grade may order 1 Communal Supply kit. Class needs will be communicated by teacher the first week of school.

Here is the information to order your kits:

  • Website:
  • Account Number: 68440

K-12 Free Online Learning Resources


In a letter from Chuck Cook, ResponsiveEd CEO, he provided a list of online learning resources that are free. Our teachers have also put together a list that you can inquire about. Your student may have to set up an account but the resources are free. As with all publicly available sites, we recommend that the listed educational resources be previewed by parents prior to student use.

Special Session of Hillsdale’s Free Online Course


Hillsdale is organizing a free three-week study session of the College’s newest online course, “The Great American Story: A Land of Hope.” This course is specially made for upper school students and parents who are doing school from home. There is also an essay contest, and it’s absolutely free for people to take. Check it out at here: .

Amazon School Rewards

If you are an Amazon shopper, please consider using our campus website link, our school will receive a donation of 4-10% of your purchase. Please click here or on the Amazon button to the right before you begin shopping. Bookmark the link so every Amazon purchase gives back to our school. You may also share the link with family and friends. Thank you for your support of Founders Leander!

Helpful Links

House Points

Updated 3/9/20
  1. Beethoven - 617
  2. Shakespeare - 560
  3. Euclid - 523
  4. Herodotus - 498
  5. Da Vinci - 480
  6. Newton - 477

Upcoming Events

Due to the school closure, all events on campus have been suspended until April 13. Please stay tuned for updates.

Here are a few events that will help keep us connected from the safety of our homes.

Where's Archie?

We are going to play a game called Where's Archie? Each week, I am going to hide Archie, our school mascot, on a page on our website. This is something I have been wanting to do for a while so here's my chance! Here's how to play the game. I will give you a clue and you try to find him. When you find him, please fill out this form and I will give you a point. Everybody has a chance to play including the parents. Let's see which grade can get the most points!

  • Clue: Archie got his name at the 2019 Clash of the Archers. You will find Archie on the same page with his fellow teammates. Where is he?
  • Click on this Google form to give your answer: Where's Archie?

We will start out easy and the picture will be big. Once you get the hang of the game the clues will get harder and the picture will get smaller. Ready? Set? Go!

April 3, Spirit Friday

Show your school spirit and wear your favorite Archer shirt on Friday, April 3! You can get creative and use your sidewalk chalk to show your Archer pride or make a poster/sign for your front door that reads "Home of an Archer". When you are done, post a photo on our school Facebook page at Founders Classical Academy of Leander (add #FCALEANDER) if you want to share your school spirit.

April 9, Crazy Socks Day - Easter

Show off your crazy Easter socks at your Google Hangouts or your Google Classroom with your teachers on Thursday, April 9. You can share your photos of your crazy socks on our school Facebook page at Founders Classical Academy of Leander (add #FCALEANDER). Show off your adorned feet!

April 10-13, Easter Weekend

We wish you and your family a safe and healthy Easter weekend. Enjoy your time with family!

College Counseling

Testing Dates, College Admissions Visits and Events

If you have an immediate need or questions, please email Mrs. McCarthy. Please visit the College Counseling page for general information.


NACAC National College Fair - April 16

Over 200 Schools represented. 6-8:30 PM - Palmer Events Center. Register HERE

SAT/ACT/CLT Test Dates


5/2 6/13 4/25

6/6 7/18

To register for tests: Go to, or

Class Specific News





8th Grade

Keep an eye out for an "NAVIGATE - Exploring Colleges and Careers" Bootcamp to be offered this summer.

College Rep Visits

Athletic News

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all sports events, practices and games have been suspended until Monday, April 13.

Go Archers!!

Please direct questions to the Athletic Director, Nathan McClallen.

Sports Physicals

Before a student can participate in Founders Classical Academy’s after-school athletics program, the student must undergo a physical exam with a licensed physician, and his or her family must complete several sports participation forms. Physicals must be passed once every calendar year, whereas sports participation forms must be completed each school year.

If you are the parent of a student in 6th-12th grade who intends to compete in athletics, please schedule your student's physical during the summer. The required athletics forms are available to athletes through TeamSnap. The physical form is also available through Jupiter or click here to download a copy.