Class of 2020 Arrow

Congratulations to the Class of 2020

We are very of our graduates. Thank you for taking care and fulfilling our senior traditions like writing messages to our kindergarten students to accompany their arrow pins in lieu of visiting them in their classrooms. Thank you for taking the time to put together a meaningful class arrow as well. This has become a time honored tradition that will be carried out year after year despite the changes in the world around us.

Founders Classical Academy of Leander

Senior Class of 2020 Arrow

This year’s class arrow was created under especially unique circumstances which required an especially unique method of construction. This arrow was made from scratch in quarantine by use of unskilled labor, so it isn’t perfect but was overall a really neat experience and a good opportunity to learn something new. Due to limited resources some compromises had to be made such as the arrowhead being attached to the shaft via a shoelace but these compromises only added to the authenticity of the arrow.

There are six engraved and painted lines on the arrow symbolizing the six years the school has been open up to this point, and the same number of years many of us have been attending Founders. In between some of these lines are dots which spell out words in braille (or reverse braille rather because they are indentations and not bumps). The braille on the end of the shaft farthest from the arrow head spells out “forever” and on the other end is spelled “family” which recognizes that the class of 2020 at Founders, though imperfect like the arrow itself, is something unique and special and that despite our flaws, we can still come together and love one another like a family. We have all gotten to see ourselves and one another grow as individuals throughout our time at Founders through our education, experiences, and relationships. At the end of the arrow where feathers or fletching are normally supposed to be, there is unfinished wood. This unfinished wood symbolizes where each of us started before we all came into one another’s lives, whereas the rest of the arrow has been whittled, sanded, been engraved upon, painted, and treated, symbolizing the changes we have all experienced since we walked through the front doors of Founders and in doing so, entered into one another's lives.

Next on the arrow is an engraved catalogue of the initials of each of the thirty-four seniors in the graduating class. Underneath these initials and in between the center two lines on the shaft are two twenties which obviously represent the year, 2020. Directly underneath these lines is the label: “Founders Class of MMXX.” MMXX are the roman numerals which stand for 2020, just because it looks cool. On the other side of the shaft, across from that, it says “Archers” in the shape of an arrow (which I don’t think requires an explanation). Nearest the arrowhead are six colored lines each standing for one of the six houses at Founders separated by engraved lines painted black which are connected to the last of the lines representing our time at Founders so that the colors wouldn’t clash as much (you’re welcome). The color scheme is mainly red and navy blue because those are our school colors, as well as black to add variety. Every design on the arrow is colored and can be seen from a distance except for the initials of the class of 2020. This was intentional because it represents the fact that at a distance you can’t get the full picture of either our arrow, or our class, in fact, at a distance, you miss the very soul of our arrow and that which makes it valuable: us.

Founders Classical Academy of Leander Class of 2020

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