School Supplies

What You'll Need

Every school year each student is required to purchase general school supplies to be shared in their classroom, art room, music room and the lunch room. Each student also needs supplies for their own personal use.

In addition to these school supplies, each student in 2nd-12th grade is required to purchase a weekly planner for recording assignments and communication between teacher and parent. Families are welcome to purchase planners of their choice, provided they have at least two pages per week during the school year and plenty of space for students to write. We recommend that all students purchase the Founders Classical Academy of Leander planners directly from the school.

Please use the lists below to purchase your school supplies for the 2020-2021 school year.

Support the School as You Shop

For every purchase on using our campus website link, our school will receive a donation of 6-10% of your purchase. Please click here or on the Amazon button before you begin shopping. Bookmark the link so every Amazon purchase gives back to our school. You may also share the link with family and friends. Thank you for your support of Founders Leander!

School Supplies for 2020-2021