Mrs. Kelli McCarthy

Mrs. McCarthy graduated from Texas A&M University with a Computer Science Engineering degree. She worked in software, system design and strategic planning - roles which included extensive international travel. After completing an intensive 3-year program, she became a certified spiritual director. More recently, she worked for four years as a teacher and registrar at a classical college-prep homeschool program with 80 students.

As part of the Austin homeschool community for over 15 years, she helped parents correlate their home school course plans to comply with state graduation requirements as well as facilitated testing, admission and enrollment of students into colleges and universities. Mrs. McCarthy has led many students through the college admissions process including three of her own daughters getting into the post-high school programs of their choice. She enjoys working with students and parents, using her gifts of listening, mentoring, and creative problem solving to help individuals discern their next best step.

Mrs. McCarthy is a 3rd generation Texan, having grown up on a farm in North Texas where she enjoyed showing horses, raising beef cattle, and helping her father work on farm equipment. Her interests include entertaining friends and family, bee-keeping, and learning new things.