Mr. Nathan McClallen

Mr. McClallen grew up in Southern Illinois and attended community college locally before transferring to Hillsdale College in Michigan, where he majored in Economics and earned a certificate in Journalism while serving as the Sports Editor of the Hillsdale Collegian. His most memorable class was a summer session covering British Literature, in which a small group of students discussed Shakespeare for three hours a day. Upon graduation, he began teaching Ancient and Medieval History at a classical liberal arts charter school in Arizona. In subsequent years, he has added Economics, 20th-century American and World History, and Physical Education to his teaching repertoire, teaching every grade from 6th to 12th in the process. He has coached 7 different school sports and 26 total seasons in his teaching career, and he currently serves at the Lead P.E. teacher for the Barney Charter School Initiative. He is proud to be a founding faculty member of Founders Classical Academy of Leander.

Currently teaching: Economics and Advanced Physical Education