Faculty & Staff

Founders Classical Academy seeks and employs faculty members who have a demonstrable history of excellence in an academic discipline, who convey knowledge to young people with charisma and clarity, and who practice and train students in the moral and intellectual virtues. Faculty members engage students in the pursuit of the true, the good, and the beautiful. Each teacher at Founders is a professional who is esteemed and supported by a faculty of friends striving for excellence.

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Upper School (7th-12th Grade)

Mr. Baker

Latin, Science, Mathematics

Mrs. Berndt

Composition and Latin

Mr. Berndt

Literature and Science

Mr. Frost

Science, Math, and Physical Education

Ms. Hamm

Latin and Literature

Mr. Knabe


Mr. McClallen

Athletics Director, PE, Economics

Ms. O'Brien


Mr. O'Toole

Philosophy and History

Mrs. Panzica

History, Latin, and Theatre

Ms. Schweppe

Mathematics and Science

Mrs. Solorzano


Mr. Solorzano

Latin and History

Mr. Starc


Mr. Vega

Mathematics and Literature

Sra. Woodfield

4th Grade Aide, Spanish

Grammar School (K-6th Grade)

Classroom Teachers

Mrs. Russell


Mrs. Rariden


Mrs. Hollis

First Grade

Ms. Pradko

First Grade

Mrs. Horton

Second Grade

Ms. Sowell

Second Grade

Ms. Kiely

Third Grade

Ms. Deviney

Third Grade

Mrs. Barkocy

Fourth Grade

Mrs. Baker

Fourth Grade

Mrs. Hargrove

Fifth Grade

Dr. Lutz

Fifth Grade

Mrs. Apel

Sixth Grade

Ms. O'Herron

Sixth Grade

Grammar School Co-Curricular Teachers

Mrs. Evans

Grammar School Music

Mrs. McDaniel

Grammar School Art

Mrs. Sheppard

Grammar School PE

Mr. Chambless

Physical Education

Grammar School Aides

Mrs. Kennedy

Kindergarten Aide

Mrs. Wight

1st Grade Aide

Mrs. Edwards

2nd Grade Aide

Mrs. Anderson

3rd Grade Aide

Sra. Woodfield

4th Grade Aide, Spanish

Ms. Frost

5th Grade Aide

Student Services

Mrs. McCarthy

College Counselor, Testing Coordinator

Mrs. Turner, RN

School Nurse

Mr. Dormady

Instructional Services Teacher

Mrs. Masters

Instructional Services Teacher

Mrs. Fredlund

Instructional Services Teacher

Mrs. Tompkins

Instructional Services Teacher

Ms. Phillips

Instructional Services Aide

Mrs. Ramsey

Instructional Services Aide

Ms. Bigham

Instructional Services Aide

Mrs. Thompson

Reading Specialist

Mrs. Lisacek

Reading Specialist

Administration and Office Staff

Ms. Tabitha Loy

Assistant Headmaster of Academic Affairs

Mr. Doug Sowers

Assistant Headmaster for Student Affairs

Mrs. Clemente

Assistant to the Headmaster

Mrs. Davis

Receptionist, Purchasing Coordinator

Ms. Long

Attendance Clerk

Ms. Lunetta

Grammar School Receptionist

Mrs. Solorzano

Enrollment Coordinator, Literature Teacher

Mrs. Wells

Receptionist,Communications Coordinator