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Doing a Lot with a Little

As a charter school, Founders Classical Academy operates with a smaller budget and fewer resources than the other public schools in our neighborhood. We are proud to provide our students with an excellent education on a small budget, and we are grateful to the supporters who contribute their volunteer time and generous donations to help us bridge the funding gap.

Donations are tax deductible and go directly to the school.

How to Support Founders Classical Academy

In 2017-2018, 82% of Founders families volunteered at the school or donated to the general fund.

Volunteer Your Time

Parent and community volunteers play an essential role at Founders Classical Academy. Whether you volunteer for just one hour or over a hundred hours, your help is essential in supporting the education of our students. Some volunteers may assist in the classroom with instructional or clerical tasks. Others may help shelve books in the library, assist during lunch, or work with the PTO on fundraisers. Your volunteer efforts teach our children the importance of spending time in the service of a worthy cause.

To become an approved volunteer, click here.

Source: Texas Charter Schools Association ( Data from 2015-2016.

Make a Donation

As a public charter school, we do a lot with a little. The support of parents and generous members of the community is essential for our continued success.

Just like public schools, charter schools receive state funds based on the average daily attendance of students.

But, they do not receive funds from local tax revenue, or, in most cases, state facilities funding.

Charter schools like ours work to make up the difference with fundraising.

Donations to the General Fund

To make a donation to our general fund, please use the secure donation form below or mail a check to:

Founders Classical Academy of Leander

1205 Leander Drive

Leander, TX 78641

Donations to the Responsive Ed Foundation are tax deductible. Gifts earmarked for Founders Classical Academy of Leander are reserved for the school's use.