House System

Building camaraderie, learning self-government, and competing for glory in the Archer Games.

To involve the entire upper school in the important task of self-government, to build camaraderie, and to encourage our students to strive in all they do, Founders Classical Academy of Leander founded the house system in the spring of 2015.

All upper school students were sorted into one of six different houses, each led by one faculty house mentor. Each house took its name from an important figure from our liberal arts curriculum. These thinkers were chosen from among the best to represent greatness in their field and in the liberal arts, and to display the excellence of thought and curiosity that we wish to see in our own best students.

A student’s house assignment is permanent, and he or she shares it with siblings. At the end of the 6th grade year, the rising upper school students are inducted into the Upper School and given their house assignments as part of their graduation.

Archer Games

At the end of each semester, the six houses compete against each other in a series of academic and athletic competitions called the Archer Games. Students earn points for their house when they show virtue in the classroom and the athletic field, and they will lose points for their house when they earn disciplinary slips.

Victory in the Archer Games carries with it honor, glory, and a bronze plaque on the Archer Award, an oak trophy which is presented to the winning house at the end of each year. Created in May of 2015 as a culminating part of the school’s house system, the games are now an anticipated part of the school year.

Student Leadership

Each house is governed by a faculty house mentor, a head boy and head girl, and class representatives for each grade. During the year, the students in the house work together to plan one school event and one service project to benefit the school or the surrounding community. The house system provides accountability among our students. "Our older students mentor our younger students and our students get to know their teachers outside of class,” said Ms. O’Brien.

The Six Houses of Founders Classical Academy

Ludwig van Beethoven

Mentor: Mrs. Ward

Coordinate: Mr. Knabe

Color: Fuchsia

Motto: "Per Aspera ad Astra: Through Adversity to the Stars"

Isaac Newton

Mentor: Mr. Utheim

Coordinate: Ms. Johnson

Color: Golden yellow

Motto: "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."


Mentor: Ms. O’Brien

Coordinate: Mr. Starc

Color: Emerald green

Motto: "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

Leonardo da Vinci

Mentor: Mr. Chambless

Coordinate: Ms. Pignot

Color: Cerulean blue

Motto: "Those who sow virtue will reap honor."

William Shakespeare

Mentor: Dr. Hicks

Coordinate: Mrs. Rickard

Color: Imperial purple

Motto: "Non sanz droict"


Mentor: Mr. Duntov


Color: Burgundy

Motto: "Even if we go down in a glorious ball of flames, we will rise up like a phoenix out of the ashes."